Good Samaritan
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
  1. Through LCLE ,I realized that if teachers will employ such method in teaching there'll be no student who 'll get bored and disinterested with Christian Living. Everyday lesson would be a very exciting session because each one can has his/her own computer lesson.
2.I need to be clarified more on the Backward Design Worksheet and in Identifying Learning Resources for each learning level.
3.I had a difficulty TS07 because it took a lot of time for me to download from the website. I also need to practice on my use of internet.I should find time everyday to work on my LCLE.
4. When I have mastered LCLE , I'm pretty sure my students will enjoy and get interested with the lessons. They will always look forward for a CL session because this LCLE challenges students to a variety of learning activities wherein they themselves evaluate their own performance for a particular activity.
I can also share my expertise with my teacher-friends who are not yet into LCLE which is the trend in education today.

parable about being a real Neighbor

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